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I find inspiration and joy in the kitchen as a passionate cooking enthusiast and culinary artist.

A long-simmered chicken for a tender bite, and seasoned with mostly ginger and garlic for a delicious taste.
Easy to cook and delicious Pesak Chicken.

Pesak Chicken or Pak Cam Ke is Chinese food that has an oriental taste. It is boiled chicken served with sesame oil, soy sauce, and fried garlic. This chicken is boiled for a bit long time so the meat becomes tender. It doesn't take too long to make this dish. The uniqueness of this dish is the cooking method. If you want to get super tender chicken meat, you need to be patient when cooking Pesak Chicken. Before we start, you need to prepare two pans, one containing boiling water and the other pan containing cold water. To make Pesak Chicken, you don't need to marinate the chicken, just put the chicken in a pot of boiling water. Firstly, boil the chicken in boiling water first. After that take out the chicken, then dipped in cold water for a few minutes. Then put the chicken back into the boiling water, this method should be done 3 times until the meat is tender. Don't throw away the boiling water which contains chicken broth, because it can be seasoned to make a soup as a complementary. You can see the Pesak Chicken recipes below.

YIELDS 2 serving(s)
TOTAL TIME 80 minute(s)


  • 500g chicken meat
  • 1200 ml hot water
  • 1200 ml cold/normal water
  • 4 garlic
  • 3 tsp ginger powder
  • 1 tsp pepper


  • 3 tbsp soy sauce + 1 tbsp sesame oil
  • Fried garlic
  • Cucumber and tomato slices



Bring 1200 ml of water to a boil, then add the garlic, ginger powder, and pepper, stir well.

Step 1 of cooking Pesak Chicken.

Put in the chicken, wait until it boils.

Step 2 of cooking Pesak Chicken.

Remove the chicken from the hot water, then put it in 1200 ml of cold/normal water, leave it for 2 minutes. Then remove and put it again in hot water until boiling. Do this up to 3 times.

Step 3 of cooking Pesak Chicken.

After that, let the chicken be in the hot water. Simmer over low heat until the meat is tender.

Step 4 of cooking Pesak Chicken.

Take the chicken, put it on a plate. Add cucumber, tomato, fried garlic, soy sauce & sesame oil mixtures.

Step 5 of cooking Pesak Chicken.

Author Elfie V

I find inspiration and joy in the kitchen as a passionate cooking enthusiast and culinary artist.

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